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Textile service sweat. light company.. make money not born
(InputDate:2012-2-24 )

For many small textile services company, in 2011 the day does not feel better. External crisis, with inflation. To the joy of the new year letter account, bandy debt became the boss of a lot of soul and body. In the end of 2011 a party, a small fabric business executives have 2 / 3 of the time in the fight between the downstream of the settlement of a debt on the phone, voice sometimes gentle, sometimes sonorous. After a through a marathon of the phone, the mister to peer friends ran one question. .do you know what the most profitable company in?. said this, his face is like to ask others, also like to ask myself. Then he tells a story. a pair of its customers without clothing colleges professional background, but the clothing wholesale market in Guangzhou the invasion years sister, in 2011, the only open Dangkou wholesale, began to do clothing brand of course. In this no designer, no version of the division, no brand planning, no more free plant processing enterprises, by virtue of the two boss with several stalls selling sister company consisting of all the lineup, in 2011 completed the performance is . the production of 200000 pieces of clothing, in their own wholesale Dangkou sales, inventories at the end only 1000 parts. Than starting a noir million of large and medium-sized enterprises, their performance is only a small play. But they from pick - proofing - production - packaging process for only a short period of 5 days. The new product development cycle than was the alleged ZARA, favorably. . The development of a new product in just 5 days, is that they make money cheats. In Guangzhou garment circle for many years and honed, so that they can play to their strengths, pick . explosion .. and holds the Guangzhou large fabric market and small garment processing point of relevant resources, let them in the shortest possible time will be many large companies demand layers of screening, the coordination of various departments work in 5 days in order to complete. This is integrated ability, but also their money cheats. . Speak. story. fabrics enterprises Mister evaluation. Angel investor Lei Jun to help entrepreneurs, had suggested it. focus, acme, fast, the user reputation. In his view, the four most important focus, only focus on, across the company have the energy to things to the extreme, can accelerate the reaction speed, will exceed the expectations of users, to form a strong word-of-mouth effect. For many companies, formerly proud is the production capacity and scale, along with a variety of cost, especially the human cost to rise quickly, enterprises have the strength to start program extends upstream and downstream, by controlling the more resources to ensure home development. and another part of enterprise to the . light company. evolution -- the whole industry the chain of industrial capital control weakened, to the information management of control has become more and more strong. Despite the fact that the two sisters may also cannot use the economy of words to describe their own business, but they are. small company, bigger clients,. the light company operating criteria for front-line practitioner. At present a lot of small miniature light company, rely on the industrial chain integration, only to do things they do best, resulting in a relatively short time to realize the profit and rapid development. As the saying goes, the hero is not the origin, but for small companies, integrated ability, is to make money, and finally develop into a giant important genes.

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