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Philippines uses the banana and pineapple fiber production environmental protection textile
(InputDate:2012-2-24 )

Philippines found the banana and pineapple agricultural waste is rich resources of environmental protection, can be used for the production of home textiles, clothing, non-woven cloth, industrial fabrics and interior decorating substitute materials. Science and Technology . DOST . Department of the Philippines Textile Research Institute . FTRI . researcher Nora Mangalindan in a recent forum presented his research results. Philippines Textile Research Institute . FTRI . aim is, through the use of local resources, to help the domestic textile industry and related industries to enhance the global competitiveness, enhance their textile quality assurance technical ability. According to statistics, Philippines pineapple plantation nearly 59000 hectare, can produce 55483 tons of pineapple fiber. Similarly, Philippines has nearly 447000 acres of banana plantations, can produce 307000 tons of banana fiber. Mangalindan said, the use of these fibers also have technical advantage, in addition to ecologically sound, they can also be biodegradable, with sustainability, they in the fiber and fabric has good performance. Pineapple fiber from pineapple waste, has high lignin and cellulose content. Until recently, these wastes can be used as organic waste, but recent experiments show that, when combined with a polyester or silk, they can successfully produce imitation silk textiles, thanks to fibers have a new practical. Pineapple fiber is very light, soft, easy maintenance and cleaning, he also can very good and other fabric combination, and has elegant appearance. On the other hand, although the banana fiber is similar to bamboo and ramie fibers, but it has better quality. Despite the very light, but it is very strong, has a very high absorption capacity, and most importantly, it is also biodegradable. In ancient times, pineapple and banana fiber is practical very little, basically just for ropes, Mats and other composite materials. However, as the eco-friendly fabric knowledge, now, these fibers are increasingly used for clothing and home furnishing products. The researchers say, hesitate to sustainability and biodegradability, eco-friendly fabric in the global market demand.

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