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Foshan Textile and garment industry clear benefit goal
(InputDate:2012-2-24 )

In 1 days of Guangdong Province held in mid Foshan City by a letter. science and technology and foreign trade and Economic Cooperation Conference . Foshan City.. the promotion of industrial restructuring and upgrading. improve economic quality and benefit. scheme .. as well as mechanical equipment. ceramics. textiles and clothing. aluminum four traditional industries. to enhance the quality. enhance the effectiveness of. plan of action the draft issued announcement. It is reported. in the next four traditional industries development goals. quality benefit target was presented alone. The textile and garment industry. The total goal. by 2015. the city.s textile and garment industry gross industrial output value will reach 185000000000. industry increases a value to achieve 55000000000 dollars. Benefit target. Foshan City textile and garment industry scale to enter the national prefecture-level city of textile and garment industry before ten. key energy-consuming enterprises to realize energy saving and cost reducing in 2010 than the 20% target. Industry chain upgrade key. . Foshan City textile and garment industry. to enhance the quality. enhance the effectiveness of. action plan . proposed the Foshan City. textile and garment industry most of the enterprises in the industrial chain of production processing link. only a few leading enterprises participating in the industrial chain of product design. research and development. marketing. service brand in high-end links. According to this situation. Foshan City. textile and garment industry chain upgrade is the focus of the advanced technology. applied technology and information technology applied to the textile and garment industry each link. from the raw material. spinning. pretreatment. woven fabric or knitted cloth. printing and dyeing. finishing. garment design. brand planning and other aspects. to accelerate product research and development of technology. management. marketing. industrial layout and improvement.

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