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Wang Tiankai president to group research
(InputDate:2012-2-24 )

China Textile Industry Association Chairman Wang Tiankai line went to Jiangsu a few days ago ormosia group research, China Textile Industry Association Vice Secretary-General Li Lingshen, industrial department director Sun Huaibin, the textile industry in Jiangsu Province Association President Xie Ming accompanied. Wang Tiankai party first came to the red beans industrial city, visited the suit production workshop, and in the men.s logistics center to do a detailed inquiry. In the group headquarters, visited the bean home, Xuandini Mens, HODO image Mens, IDF .in Difei. fashion store 4, understand the Hongdou Group of textile and apparel brand development. Red bean group president Zhou Hai introduced the red bean by the production and business operation model to create the operation of transformation and upgrading of enterprises development. Wang Tiankai highly affirmed the group in the development of the achievements, he thought the red bean. be modest and prudent. enterprise character, originates from the red bean leaders for future career development, free from arrogance and impetuosity robust planning long-term strategic vision. Especially in the aspect of management, red bean. modern enterprise system + Party + social responsibility . model of development has become a private enterprise system an example of. Wang Tiankai also encouraged the group to continue efforts, as a large textile and garment enterprise upgrading to make new exploration.

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